Simple TV software for Windows XP through 10.


System requirements:
A half decent graphics card, .NET 4.0, a DVB-T/S/C/ATSC tuner.

What's New.

Many thanks to Steve for thoroughly testing SichboPVR builds for me. Without his help this app would probably go nowhere as I don't have a TV signal.

There is an issue on a small fraction of installations which I've been unable to nail down a cause for. If you've repeatedly gotten an error saying "The setting file Setting.json is inexplicably invalid" please get in touch over email — I have questions.


Current version 3.1.13 2017-03-23

SichboPVR is offered free of charge.

If you or your employer work on projects or collaborate over email from time to time you can support the developer of SichboPVR by checking out — an email based project organiser that I've also built.