Free TV software for Windows XP through 10.


System requirements:
A half decent graphics card, .NET 4.0, a DVB-T/S/C/ATSC tuner.

It looks like this.


Many thanks to Steve for thoroughly testing these builds for me. Without his help this app would probably go nowhere as I don't have a TV signal.


2017-02-9 (Current Build)
  • Sorry, one more intermittent issue with H.264 playback. Also a weird channel detection thing for Albania.
  • Fixes a slow memory leak and a couple of odd-ball errors. This is hopefully the last update for a while.
  • Addresses more issues collected over the last couple of weeks. Shout out to Steve, Valentin, Kay and Jack for testing.
  • Addresses a couple of minor issues collected for build 160.
  • Refined OSD.
  • 15 second skip.
  • Click + drag the play button to adjust speed.
  • Basic video editor added for slicing/trimming TS recordings.
  • Re-clocking of recordings added for improved playout support in some 3rd party software.
  • New "zoom" F2 stretch mode.
  • Show Info > Record Series now brings up a configurable list of channels/times.
  • New Setup > Advanced > Customise timeshift buffer size.
  • New Setup > Advanced > Disable Now/Next graphics.
  • New Setup > Advanced > Disable menu on full screen video.
  • Improved slaved tuner behaviour for DLNA clients.

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