Free TV software for Windows XP through 10.


System requirements:
A half decent graphics card, .NET 4.0, a DVB-T/S/C/ATSC tuner.

It looks like this.


Many thanks to Steve for thoroughly testing these builds for me. Without his help this app would probably go nowhere as I don't have a TV signal.


2017-01-07 (Current Build)
  • Addresses a couple of minor issues collected for build 160.
  • Refined OSD.
  • 15 second skip.
  • Click + drag the play button to adjust speed.
  • Basic video editor added for slicing/trimming TS recordings.
  • Re-clocking of recordings added for improved playout support in some 3rd party software.
  • New "zoom" F2 stretch mode.
  • Show Info > Record Series now brings up a configurable list of channels/times.
  • New Setup > Advanced > Customise timeshift buffer size.
  • New Setup > Advanced > Disable Now/Next graphics.
  • New Setup > Advanced > Disable menu on full screen video.
  • Improved slaved tuner behaviour for DLNA clients.
  • Fixes a few occasional errors collected over the past month.
  • Internal tidy up, courtesy of the folks over at PVS-Studio. Seems like a really decent static code analyser.
  • Addresses a couple of build 156 issues collected throughout the week. This will be the last release for a while.

  • Turns out I forgot to test XP. 157 fixes 156 from yesterday. Sorry about that.
  • New PiP capability -- Ctrl + Click in guide to play multiple channels in new windows without affecting the main player, if you have enough tuners or all of the channels are on the same transponder. Live playout only for now.
  • New Color Scheme Designer under Setup > Advanced.
  • New SAT>IP option under Setup > Network. It treats servers like a normal tuner and controls front-ends explicitly. Each enabled virtual tuner will show up as a discrete device under Setup > TV Sources, available for the usual channel scanning, slave configuration etc.
  • You can now search by channel name in the guide (start typing letters.) This meant that a few shortcuts had to change to free up all letter keys for normal typing. See F1 for latest shortcuts.
  • Keypad +/- for volume.
  • I'm now collecting more information about tuner drivers for better reporting on the homepage (driver name, manufacturer, version and date.) Will revisit the "supported devices" report once a reasonable amount of new data has accumulated.
  • Multi-tuner refinements -- if a device fails to open or lock the signal during recording, it'll try use slaves instead. EPG scanning now happens in the background on a slave tuner when available.
  • Fixed external monitor issue when the primary screen is on the right.
  • UI tweaks.
  • Clicking on the time will directly open the recording schedule.
  • New 'Show windows taskbar during fullscreen' option under Setup > Advanced.

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