v3 Help

Solutions to common issues.

General usage tips.

Press F1

To get a list of keyboard shortcuts and other status information.

Streaming between PCs

Can be done by turn on the network server under Setup > Network. Install SichboPVR on another PC/tablet, then go into Setup > Network on it as well, and you should see the other instance show up as an option under its network sources list. Select it and you'll be able to live timeshift and get epg etc on your secondary PC. Your mileage may vary if using WiFi for streaming of HD content. Other DLNA compliant devices should also see the TV server, however most DLNA devices/software don't handle live timeshifting or EPG properly, if at all.

Make your own TV stations from downloaded videos

By going into TV > Folders. I call them "Folder Channels". The idea is you make a channel, point it to a few folders on your PC or network and it'll create a lineup automatically in the EPG. For example you might make a channel called "Cartoons" and point it to your private stash of animated shows. Play the channel from the guide and it'll keep cycling through episodes etc.

Adjust playback speed

By clicking + dragging the on play/pause button left and right.

Quickly find a channel

By typing its name when you're on the guide screen.

Cycle through the EPG during full-screen video

By spinning your scroll wheel.

Mouse Wheel Left/Right clicker

Will scroll the guide left/right.

Make your tablet/laptop battery last longer

By disabling continuous animations under Setup > Advanced.

You can backup settings

Which are located in the %ProgramData%\SichboPVR\Settings folder. You can zip up the folder if you need to move/backup settings, or you can completely delete the folder and the app will behave like a new install.

Sichbo Supporter additional features.

An unlimited number of tuners can be linked together

By going into Setup > (your extra device) > Slave To > (primary device). SichboPVR will use slaved tuners only when absolutely necessary and try to keep them shut off until needed.

F5 gives you a mini-mode

Which is suitable for multitasking, always on top. Click and drag bottom right-hand corner to resize, or click and drag the entire box to move it around etc. F5 again to get back to a normal window.

Trim recordings

By selecting the recorded episode under TV > Recordings and clicking Edit. See how to use the video editor.

Play multiple channels at once

By clicking on a channel whilst holding Shift (for external window) or Ctrl (for internal window). If the channels are on the same frequency you can do this with a single tuner, otherwise you'll need additional tuners slaved to your main device.

Tweak the colour scheme

By going into Setup > Advanced > Colour Scheme Designer.