Sichbo Supporter Agreement

Last updated: 2020-01-05

Thank you for considering becoming a Sichbo Supporter. This agreement outlines what it is you're paying for in a clear way so that we're both on the same page.

Even though this is not a wall of legalese with illegible capital letters everywhere, it's still a binding agreement between you and Sichbo Interactive (Simon Bond) and you have to be in agreement with these things before you can sign on as a supporter or make a one-time contribution.

What is the Sichbo Supporter programme?

The Sichbo Supporter programme is intended solely as a way for people to support their favourite DVB television application SichboPVR. For legal clarity it is not in any way a "software license" because the software is provided free for non-commercial use to anyone. Sichbo Supporter funds go directly to the indie software developer Simon Bond (Sichbo Interactive) so that he can pays his bills.

As a "Thank You" to supporters, they are entitled to earlier access to feature additions and bug fixes.

I plan on requesting support/help, is there any service guarantee?

Simon will attempt to help with any issue you have to the best of his ability, but unfortunately many issues people encounter are caused by unreliable 3rd party device drivers. As such, there is no guarantee that utilising your paid support benefit will result in a positive outcome.

Am I allowed to ask for feature additions/changes?

Feature suggestions are given the consideration they deserve however the decision on whether or not to implement something is at Simon's discretion, which is usually based on whether or not the feature has been requested more than a few times from different people.

Are there any refunds?

If somebody throws their toys out of the pram or makes a fuss over their donation, then I'm not going to argue — life's too short etc.

Do you share my data with any other organisations?

Per the privacy policy Sichbo Interactive has no external business relationships and does not advertise or do anything creepy.

Is my payment info secure?

Your payment information does not reside on Sichbo Interactive servers at any time. Instead payment is entrusted with the professionals over at either or Paypal (whichever you choose to use.) The only info on Sichbo Interactive servers are an encrypted-at-rest copy of your email address for processing activations, your name so I know how to address you, and random unique identifiers provided by Stripe/Payment which are needed for cancelling things over at Stripe/PayPal.

Yearly Supporter's stuff

If I become a Yearly Supporter, what does that entail?

By becoming a long term supporter you're authorising a small annual $12 contribution (a dollar a month) until you decide to cancel them. This way you're supporting SichboPVR without parting with a bunch of money. If a third of users contribute a tiny bit each month then the project will be more sustainable than intermittent trickle-in contributions.

If I subscribe as a Long Term Yearly Supporter, how do I cancel?

You can stop support payments any time by visiting and re-entering the e-mail address that you originally subscribed with under the 'cancel your yearly support' option.

What happens after I cancel?

As a thank you for your previous contribution, any activated installations of SichboPVR will continue to work with supporter features indefinitely until you uninstall SichboPVR or lose or wipe its settings.

Revision History:

Every once in a while I may need to tweak/clarify the terms a bit when people ask about something. Changes are documented below for your reference.

  • 2020-01-05: Added stuff about one-time supporter contributions, in addition to the existing subscription supporter bits.
  • 2019-11-04: Clarified that no information is shared with any 3rd parties per a helpful anonymous comment's concern.
  • 2019-07-19: The Sichbo Supporter programme was launched!