Free TV tuner software for Windows


Supports Windows 10 PCs, all the way down to Windows XP. You'll need a half decent graphics card and a TV tuner device to use it.

SichboPVR screenshot

SichboPVR is a free TV tuner application for Windows that works with most DVB-T, T2, S, S2 and ATSC devices. Version 1.0 was created for fun back in 2008 and today it has over 4,000 active users providing handy frequency info for anybody to use.

The app is designed to be lightweight and have all of the usual PVR/DVR functionality such as time shifting, scheduled recordings, plus whatever else I felt like throwing in there over the years — TV Headend, SATIP, video file trimming, a frequency/transponder explorer, etc.

Because it's a free app I'm unable to spend time on support so it is provided 'as is' and typically updated a couple of times per year.

I hope you get some enjoyment out of it.

- Simon

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What's New.

Many thanks to Steve for thoroughly testing SichboPVR builds for me. Without his help this app would probably go nowhere as I don't have a TV signal.


Current version 3.1.22 2018-12-07

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