TV tuner software for your Windows PC.

SichboPVR is a popular over-the-air TV app by Sichbo Interactive (Simon) which works with most DVB-T/T2, ATSC, DVB-S and DVB-C tuner devices — I hope you enjoy it!

v3 Features

Easy configuration so that you can be watching live TV within just a few clicks.

Standard DVR functions for recording series by weighted priority or specific times and channels across multiple tuners or multiple shows with a single tuner if they're all on the same frequency.

Folder channels which can turn saved video files into a pretend TV station.

Network streaming for accessing your TV tuner from other DLNA players or app instances.

A frequency explorer under TV > Explorer which lets you poke around with raw TV transponder information, find secret satellite channels or fine-tune your antenna.

Multiple channel lists for organising favourite things into sports, movies, news, etc.

Plus bonus features like multiple tuners, picture in picture, "always on top" mini-mode, custom colour schemes, and real human support if you support me, Simon like a champion.

System Requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP. You'll also need a half decent graphics card and a USB or PCI digital TV tuner device.

Download v3

Good news! v4.0 Alpha is almost finished.


A big thank you to all of my supporters who have encouraged me to work on this. Sichbo Supporters are invited to grab the v4 pre-Alpha testing builds today.



Download v4




The new hotness. (2021-04-30)

• Refinements for the #69 update
• North Americans without in-band EPG can now set an XMLTV URL/Folder/File under the channels > server > location group, and it'll attempt to map channel IDs and import new/changed files as part of the usual OTA EPG update routine.

The v4 roadmap is fluid, based on whimsy/demand. Currently:

• Refinements to the Library screen (and custom sorting/grouping for collections.)

After Alpha (4.0.1) release:
• DVB-HB / SAT>IP support.
• Linux/GCC build.

After Beta (4.0.2) release:
• Web front end for mobiles/browsers.
• Video editing.
• Transcoding.
• ASTC 3.0 (2021-04-20)

• My intended EPG is finally in.
• Ctrl + Wheel (or pinch) to zoom in/out like a map.
• "Grab and throw" using a mouse or finger (or spin your mouse wheel) to get around quickly with inertia.
• Right-clicking the main guide area toggles between column/row viewing modes.
• Left-click channel logos to see a station's weekly lineup.
• Right-clicking channel logos (or remote Green button) now toggles Picture in Picture.
• Channel list changing/editing has been moved to a more streamlined "TV" dropdown hover menu at the top (or Blue button on your remote.)
• The channel list editor has also changed to a two-column format.
• Set list sort mode to "none" for arbitrary ordering of channels by drag & drop.
• Added Chinese Traditional glyph rendering support (requires the Windows default msyh.ttc and msyhbd.ttc fonts installed.)
• Have started a database of buggy graphics cards/drivers which need to take different optimisation paths. (2021-03-19)

• Adds Turksat support.
• Some driver bug workarounds were applied when they needn't be. (2021-03-15)

• Addresses a couple of glitches in pre-alpha test #64. (2021-03-05)

• Added Dolby Digital bitstreaming support.
• Video rendering refinements.
• Mouse wheel with your cursor on the title bar or mute button now adjusts the volume, even with the default OSD channel up/down behaviour enabled.
• Improved performance for down-level hardware (some hardware still can't play HD interlaced content however.)
• Channel switching is now quicker in most cases.
• Navigation refinements. (2021-02-19)

• More refinements for the #60 update. (2021-02-18)

• More refinements for the #60 update.
• Also adds initial draft localisation for Finnish, Swedish, Spanish and Polish.
• Mouse wheel on video now brings up the mini channel menu like v3. You can still configure it to adjust volume if you prefer under Setup > UI.
• You can now have a vibrant accent color + different background, along with some new colour presets. (2021-02-8)

• Refinements for the #60 update. (2021-02-04)

• There's a new code signing certificate which might raise smartscreen warnings. Please just choose "run anyway".
• Added a new GPU video processing pipeline which solves inconsistent deinterlacing and picture quality across various display drivers.
• Added a new Video Levels mixer.
• Redesigned the Audio Mixer.
• Moved audio stream selection into its own tab on the mixer.
• Added Freesat support.
• Added a workaround for avcodec ts muxer bugs. Fixes DVB subtitles and AAC audio on 3rd party players.
• Added ANSI/SCTE 57 CQAM support.
• Improved scroll bar feedback.
• Added a new "Transponder Dump" feature to the Signal Test screen.
• Added workarounds for a couple of display driver bugs.
• Improved GPU rendering performance.
• Added a search feature to the Library.
• Timeshift can now zoom out to display multiple past shows.



Old and busted...

All branches 3.1.105 2021-02-04

  • Preparations for the first v4 alpha release.
  • New code signing certificate not yet trusted by Microsoft/SmartScreen. You may need to 'keep' after download and then 'run anyway' when asked.


  • Fixed a problem with some shows not displaying their record queue state.
  • Fixed an AC3 issue.


  • Supporter + Test + Free Branch release roll-up :)
  • Fixed an issue with manually configured record times popping up after you cancel a recording.
  • Canonical series name tweak for France where the episode name can appear in quotes in the show title.
  • Fixed a problem with "resume" starting a minute early on recordings.
  • Changed key shortcuts to respond to key down rather than key up as an experiment for a FLIRC receiver.
  • It turns out "file created" date/time is lost when moving recordings to a new drive, so media indexing now uses "last write time", which is persisted so you can keep your recordings organised by date.
  • Fixed a problem with mini mode guide not always refreshing


  • Supporter-ready release :)
  • Improved the behaviour of "play last channel upon opening" when a background EPG scan is in progress during open.
  • Fixed a problem with the Microsoft RDP display driver sometimes not working.
  • Added a new tweakage option "Disable background media folder monitoring".
  • Added a new tweakage option "Use mouse wheel for volume instead of channel up/down".
  • Improved navigation behaviour for "Disable menu during full screen video".
  • Fixed an HTTP/HLS caching issue for the network server.


  • Fixed a thumbnailing issue with radio recordings.
  • Concurrent tuning improvements.


  • Supporter + Test + Free Branch release roll-up :)
  • Added a new Tweakage option "Change channel immediately upon up/down".
  • Added a new Setup > 'Tuner Name' > Advanced option "This device is slow to lock, allow more time".
  • Added a link for modifying decoder properties underneath Setup > Advanced > Decoders for filters that allow you to configure things.
  • Improved indexing of recorded shows.
  • Fixed an instance of Chinese Traditional encoding not working.
  • Fixed a problem with some subtitle cycling getting stuck.


  • Fixed a rendering glitch that appeared in the pre-release test builds 81->82.
  • Record scheduling is now more aggressive about removing garbage/ad text in between brackets of show titles. Thanks to David for the sample.
  • Fixed a problem with Taiwan text decoding. Thanks to Jian-Jia for the sample.
  • Fixed a problem with the Web UI search on android browsers. Thanks to Simone for debugging.
  • Added an option to "Ignore in-band data on XMLTV channels" as an experiment.
  • Fixed an issue with time stamp re-clocking. Thanks to MJ for a sample having rouge intermittent PCR timestamps in the broadcast.
  • Fixed an incorrect H.264 chroma flag in the DXVA2 decoder. Thanks to Ian for a sample producing the problem.
  • The OSD now stays up if you have your cursor hovering over on OSD navigation buttons.
  • Seek buttons no longer appear when you have time shifting disabled.
  • Partially encrypted channels having clear AC3 audio can now be listened to without a picture.
  • TV > Explorer now shows stream info on the channel buttons.
  • Right-click TV > Explorer channel boxes can now also "Play in a new window" for supporters.
  • A "Described Audio" toggle has been assigned to the F3 key. For broadcaster-mixed described audio it replaces the main channel. For unmixed described audio, it will play in addition to the primary selected audio channel.