The TV tuner app for Windows 10 → XP


SichboPVR is a popular free TV tuner application that works with most DVB-T/T2, ATSC, DVB-S and DVB-C tuner devices — give it a smash, I hope you enjoy it.

SichboPVR screenshot

System Requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP. You'll also need a half decent graphics card and a USB or PCI digital TV tuner device.


Easy configuration so that you can be watching live TV within just a few clicks.

Standard DVR functions for recording series by weighted priority or specific times and channels across multiple tuners or multiple shows with a single tuner if they're all on the same frequency.

Folder channels which can turn saved video files into a pretend TV station.

Network streaming for accessing your TV tuner from other DLNA players or app instances.

A frequency explorer under TV > Explorer which lets you poke around with raw TV transponder information, find secret satellite channels or fine-tune your antenna.

Multiple channel lists for organising favourite things into sports, movies, news, etc.

Plus bonus features like multiple slaved tuners, picture in picture, "always on top" mini-mode, custom colour schemes, and real human support if you support me, Simon like a champ.


Supporter's branch 3.1.83 2020-01-07

  • Supporter stable release :)
  • Fixed a rendering glitch that appeared in the pre-release test builds 81->82.
  • Record scheduling is now more aggressive about removing garbage/ad text in between brackets of show titles. Thanks to David for the sample.
  • Fixed a problem with Taiwan text decoding. Thanks to Jian-Jia for the sample.
  • Fixed a problem with the Web UI search on android browsers. Thanks to Simone for debugging.
  • Added an option to "Ignore in-band data on XMLTV channels" as an experiment.
  • Fixed an issue with time stamp re-clocking. Thanks to MJ for a sample having rouge intermittent PCR timestamps in the broadcast.
  • Fixed an incorrect H.264 chroma flag in the DXVA2 decoder. Thanks to Ian for a sample producing the problem.
  • The OSD now stays up if you have your cursor hovering over on OSD navigation buttons.
  • Seek buttons no longer appear when you have time shifting disabled.
  • Partially encrypted channels having clear AC3 audio can now be listened to without a picture.
  • TV > Explorer now shows stream info on the channel buttons.
  • Right-click TV > Explorer channel boxes can now also "Play in a new window" for supporters.
  • A "Described Audio" toggle has been assigned to the F3 key. For broadcaster-mixed described audio it replaces the main channel. For unmixed described audio, it will play in addition to the primary selected audio channel.

Free branch 3.1.77 2019-11-12

  • Fixed a problem with disabled timeshifting using more CPU than it should.
  • Fixed a problem with Czech H265 video in my DXVA2 decoder - thanks to Milan and Jiří for samples!
  • You can now enter an arbitrary "# Minutes" for recording time padding underneath Setup > Advanced, in case 10 minutes is not enough.
  • Many thanks to Bruno for isolating the cause of a problem in Microsoft's DTV-DVD Video Decoder which would inexplicably stop after a day or more of continuous playback.
  • Added a full-range colour fix for some display drivers which don't behave correctly.
  • Added a workaround for Microsoft's psisdecd.dll creating threads over time.
  • XMLTV now also fetches .png logos if your xml file has an icon element in its channel information.


  • Added a Skip Back OSD button.
  • Added tweakage options for hiding the Skip Forward/Back buttons as well as FF/RW, so that the screen doesn't have to be too busy.
  • Improved the new "playback recordings in progress" seek bar support so that it handles stopped recordings gracefully.
  • Fixed a problem with mpeg1 audio.


  • Added channel/show search to the HTTP/Web UI. Start typing on the web page to quickly jump to a channel (similar to the guide in the main app) or use the search field at the top to find shows.
  • When a re-scan yields no results, it no longer deletes the old channel set, as the outcome might be temporary/hardware-related and you don't want to lose your old channel lists.
  • Fixed a problem where the OSD remains for a long time.
  • Added a workaround for subtitle streams having unexpected timestamps which can affect video playback.


  • Fixed a video freezing issue and improved reliability for noisy signals.
  • Adds more STD-B24 subtitle support.
  • Fixed an F6 window growth problem.
  • When playing back recordings in progress, the seek bar now shows a pending recording region.
  • 'Record Series' has been tweaked to work with Czech EPG data which has series/episode numbers appearing in show titles in brackets.


  • UPnP/DLNA device detection is now disabled by default since not many people are using it and it avoids a firewall dialog on first startup. UPnP can still be enabled under Setup > Network if people really want it.
  • Adds basic support for ISDB-T Subtitles (ARIB STD-B24) for South American regions. Japanese code pages are not yet supported as I don't have samples.
  • Additional CEA608, CEA708 and EBU subtitle rendering refinements.
  • Fixed a problem where coming out of full screen grows the regular window height slightly.
  • Background media thumbnailing now prioritises recordings and no longer indexes removed Folder Channels.
  • Minor UI refinements.
  • Fixed an ATSC EPG issue where incorrect shows would record if the broadcaster re-used event identifiers over a short period.
  • External window Picture-in-Picture is now Shift + click, and Ctrl + click is now internal-window so that it's consistent with other desktop applications such as web browsers.
  • Ctrl + click Picture-in-Picture now remembers previous locations.


  • Minor UI refinements for when the window is made quite small.
  • Adds a couple of tweaks for better resilience against low-quality channel signals.
  • Adds 4K and 10bit HEVC to the DXVA2 decoder on display drivers that can support it.
  • Adds support for a previously unrecognised XMLTV schema.