The simple TV tuner software for Windows and Linux.

SichboPVR is a popular personal video recorder that works with most DVB Terrestrial, Cable and Satellite tuner cards and USB sticks for watching and recording live TV on your Windows or Linux computer.

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SichboPVR Features

Everything just works.

Not just a pretty interface, SichboPVR is designed to behave more like a dependable TV appliance than a computer programme. No complicated setup or decoding problems.

Unlimited Plug & Play TV tuners.

Throw as many TV tuners at it as you dare. SichboPVR will automatically use whatever's plugged in without having to be asked. It will assign recordings to available hardware and adapt on-the-fly as tuners are inserted or removed from the system.

DVB streaming to PCs around your home.

Install SichboPVR4 on multiple PCs throughout your home and they can all stream live TV or schedule recordings on your central SichboPVR4 TV server. You can also set up accounts so that each family member can have their own favourites or access the server remotely over the internet.

Easy "set and forget" scheduling.

Configuring a series to record is a simple matter of hitting a toggle. When possible it'll automatically "do the obvious thing" and de-dupe already recorded episodes, select HD channels instead of SD, and just generally attempt to do nice things without having to be micromanaged.

If you enable the SichboPVR background service it'll automatically keep its EPG up to date and record shows even when the app isn't running. It can also wake your computer from sleep and let it go back to sleep when it's done recording.

A nice TV experience for everyone.

The interface is text-to-speech enabled with verbose and succinct modes for folks with partial or no eyesight. People can navigate or listen to shows with nothing but six simple up, down, left, right, OK and Back buttons. You can also route voice assistance or receiver-mixed audio descriptions to a particular soundcard and at a particular volume level.

Subtitles are also rendered in a clean bold font, in countries that broadcast their subtitles in a plain-text format.

Colours can be set to a high contrast, or even black on white, and text can also be scaled to ludicrous sizes, for readability.

Quick start

Right click channels for Picture in Picture.

Add some colour and happiness into your life — don't be boring and lame!

Hold the Ctrl key and use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out like a map. Click, drag and throw the guide to go anywhere quickly.

The top left menu has layout options.

The top left menu is also where you can edit channels and change sorting.

A quick guide for getting around in SichboPVR.