Help with finding channels in SichboPVR

Most users have some difficulty getting channels scanned in. The cause can be obvious things like a weak antenna signal, an incomplete or outdated frequency scanning set, or much more insidious tuner driver bugs.


If no channels are found or some channels are missing

Using TV > Explorer to locate channels

If you're missing channels or perhaps have a gimpy indoor antenna that only works when you stand there holding it like a one-legged scarecrow, the explorer tool can help find a clearer signal or missing channels.

1. Go into TV > Explorer, select your device at the top and either select your existing frequency set, or you can grab one from the library or make a new one from scratch.

SichboPVR TV Explorer when no lock is acquired yet.

2. Hit Try Lock on a frequency that you know should be correct. If your frequency isn't listed, scroll to the end of the list and add it in.

The explorer is going to keep trying to lock the signal every 5 seconds or so. Most tuner drivers (the half decent ones anyway) will keep trying to acquire a signal whilst you fiddle with your antenna. When it locks, you should see channel preview thumbnails stream in.

SichboPVR TV Explorer when a lock is found showing channel preview thumbnails.

3. Use the green signal metre to get the best strength you can. Again, not all drivers are well behaved, some may return 100% lock or 0% and nothing in between, other drivers are written correctly and give you fine-grained sensitivity so that you can actually test your signal.

When you have channel previews coming in simply right-click any of the channel boxes and Add all channels to > Any list you like. Or, now that you've fixed your antenna, you could hit Scan on the left to rescan all of the frequencies and it'll automatically add any new channels found into the EPG.

If there's a playback error

Check out how to resolve common decoder problems.

If you need human assistance getting set up, Sichbo Supporter members can reach me over e-mail.