Using the SichboPVR recording features

SichboPVR is non-invasive by default. It won't record unless it's actually running, and it won't run automatically unless you ask it to. If you plan on using SichboPVR to record shows whilst you're away from the computer the following settings are recommended for under Setup > Advanced > Tweakage

How to record things

Right-clicking any currently playing show or pressing an "info" button a remote control in the Guide will open a Show Information pane and let you schedule recordings for up-coming airings.

A left/right click on any future playing show will also bring up the same schedule recording pane.

The show information pane not only lists up-coming airings, but also has a button to Record Series. This lets you set it to record by time slot, specific channels or all channels and times.

The white record dot on the video player also toggles recording of the currently playing show, as well as Ctrl + R.

HINT: If you have some timeshift buffer already accumulated and you hit record part-way into the show, SichboPVR will attempt to go back in time to grab as much of the show's beginning as possible.

Managing the scheduling of series

TV > Recordings > Schedule displays a list of all up-coming recordings as well as series configurations which you can edit/delete.

HINT: You can also quickly jump to the schedule screen by clicking on the time in the top-right hand corner.

By default episodes containing the same description will not record twice. If your show is something like the "The Nightly News" which has an identical description every airing, schedule your times like normal, then:

  1. Head into TV > Recordings > Schedule.
  2. Select 'The Nightly News' on the right to tweak it.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Auto Record Settings and tick "Record duplicate descriptions".

To record an arbitrary block of time

Not all signals have guide data. You can record an arbitrary chunk of time by going:

  1. TV > Recordings > Schedule > Create a series or show manually.
  2. Enter a name and show duration.
  3. In the queue, + New time, pick a channel and set times, or
  4. Under auto record, specific channels and times, set a channel, weekday(s) and times. Untick 'Only record if guide data matches dates/times'.