Support SichboPVR for only GBP £ 1/month Paid Yearly

If just 1/3rd of SichboPVR's users support me it will provide a meagre wage and an ability to improve the app and support you in return.

Whilst my aim is to establish a liveable wage through a “Legion of Legendary Long-Term Supporters” (we're only 1,849 people short of reaching our goal!) you can also subscribe and then cancel for a one-time GBP £12 contribution to access Supporter-Only features, using either a Credit Card or PayPal.

Supporter-Only features:

Support SichboPVR

Payment processing is through Stripe, the payment gateway trusted by tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Uber, Shopify, to name a few — if you have any concerns feel free to e-mail me. You can also use PayPal instead, however they take more fees out of already modest contributions.
When utilising your personalised support benefit, please e-mail from this same address.
* Simply cancel after activating for a one-time contribution.

Don't want to/unable to contribute?

Need to cancel your yearly support?

No worries, and thank you for your previous contribution. Any activated installations of SichboPVR will continue to work with supporter features indefinitely as a thank you. Simply re-enter your email and we'll make sure there are no more charges.