Download v4

Thanks to all supporters who have encouraged me to work on version 4 over the past year — you're all welcome to begin using pre-Alpha test builds, now that it's reached a reasonable level of completeness.

System Requirements:
Windows 7 — 10 (Linux/X11 coming later.)
A reasonably beefy graphics chip (Intel Haswell or better.)
A DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C/ATSC TV tuner.

What's new and exciting?

Still to come...

The initial Alpha release is Windows-only because it's been a marathon getting to this stage and I don't want to plow through another six months of work before people get to try it. Ubuntu Linux releases are coming later.


The voluntary supporter programme started 2019 unfortunately has not materialised into a liveable wage. Meanwhile I've got bills to pay. To that end, v4 requires a contribution from anybody wanting to use it. Thank you to the 552 wonderful people who are currently supporting me today — I hope you'll enjoy your v4 builds as well.

Rock on,

- Simon