SichboPVR 的發布歷史和更新。

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下載適用於 Windows 的 SichboPVR (Testing Build) (2023-06-19)

• Adds preliminary right-to-left language support.
• Fixes a problem with sound no longer time stretching under 4.0.15 during variable speed playback (mouse wheel over play button.)
• Misc performance and stability tweaks. (2023-06-02)

• SichboPVR is now free with just the recording function requiring a lifetime or yearly supporter account.
• Fixes a lot of performance and stability issues gathered over the past months from the 4.0.14 release.
• Linux install instructions have been updated to avoid Ubuntu's now deprecated apt-key add feature. (2023-02-11)

• Rendering performance improvements.
• On-screen display refinements.
• Channel editor refinements.
• Added better handling of older display drivers.
• Added a Missing channel troubleshooter to the guide menu.
• Accessibility and Text to Speech refinements.
• There are now mappable shortcuts for TTS mute and volume, as well as speech rate control.
• More scheduling refinements and better handling of custom defined shows.
• Thanks again to Michael for debugging a problem with SAT>IP.
• You can now manually type in UNC share paths (\\server\share\folder) for recording/timeshift/library folders. If the SichboPVR4 server is installed as a Windows Service, you'll need to configure the NT service to run under a user account with permission to access the share.
• Thanks to Igor for adding Ukrainian support.
• Improved client sync performance for libraries having tens of thousands of items.
• You can now disable timeshifting under Library > Library Settings > Set Timeshift buffer duration to "No time shifting".
• service-settings.json has a new setting "EpgUpdateOnStart" which can be set to false for folks who don't care about guide data or want to wait on it.
• Added better storing of series/episode info and support for credits/actors from xmltv sources. (2022-05-14)

• Fixes a show search focusing issue and a couple of other oddball problems in build 12. (2022-05-10)

• Added a workaround for when ATSC transmitters change their TSID causing lost and duplicate stations.
• Fixed a problem with recordings and channels lists when multiple locations are defined.
• Scheduling refinements.
• Many thanks to Michael for debugging a problem with Digital Devices DVB-S. (2022-04-17)

• Adds some general performance, usability and reliability tweaks.
• Added support for Windows Media Center *.wtv files in the media Library > Collections feature.
• You can now disable certain audio devices from the audio mixer by clicking on their settings and changing the audio format from PCM to "Do not use".
• Mono channel communication devices are now disabled by default on a blank install.
• Fixed a problem with Freesat EPG.
• Fixed a problem with some channels in Poland. (2022-03-03)

• Fixed a couple of crashes detected over the past month. (2022-02-08)

• UI refinements in the Library, Guide, and Search.
• Crash fixes from field telemetry.
• Adds Italian translation work by R.B.
• Fixed a problem with some stations coming on-air.
• Added support for opening SichboPVR from the MCE remote control green button when the app is configured to minimise to the system tray.
• This is also the fourth pre-release Linux build. Details at (2021-12-07)

• Fixed a bunch of previously unreported crashes.


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