Eine Liste der letzten Änderungen in SichboPVR Version 4.

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SichboPVR herunterladen (2021-09-16)

• The TV and Library context menu is now on the top-left so it's a bit more obvious.
• Library items now have a folder icon to 'Open containing folder', which makes jumping to a recording or video file a bit easier.
• The OSD mute button now has quick access to the 'Show subtitles on mute' option as well as the audio mixer.
• The default windows output speaker is now tracked and auto-unmuted.
• Thanks to Q for adding Chinese Traditional
• Added an auto-cleanup routine for gimpy channel frequency assignments, which can happen when data bleeds across frequency changes from buggy BDA drivers.

• Linux/GCC support.

• ATSC 3.0.
• Web front end for mobiles/browsers.
• Video editing.
• Transcoding. (2021-08-13)

• Added an OpenGL video processor similar to the D3D11 one for the upcoming linux release.
• Added a new 'RawTitle' file naming option for keeping original show titles for cases where they contain episode number data. The default 'Title' recording file naming field cleans up content in brackets, for tidier names.
• Fixed a problem found on a Victoria channel 10 mux.
• Fixed a problem which can cause the background service to chew CPU.
• Added preliminary DVB-HB / SAT>IP support.
• TV tuner hardware and DVB-HB network tuners can now be set to 'Do not use' under 'Setup > the server > the device', since SichboPVR uses everything it finds automatically, and that might not always be what you want.
• Improved ATSC channel management so that it combines identical stations from different transmitters, as DVB already does.
• Fixed a problem with 192Khz audio.
• Made some refinements to variable playback speed.
• There's a new driver bug classification "Reports an initial weak signal quality". Some tuners like the IT9135 report a false reading for a few seconds, which impacts scanning.
• Made some minor guide refinements.
• In addition to SichboPVR's continuous channel scan behaviour, every 5 days it'll now also do a frequency sweep during one of its regular background epg updates.
• Added a check to make sure starting window dimensions are always sane during startup for when the screen config changes.
• Refined the background service installer a bit so it ends tasks more aggressively.
• Added variable playback speed with pitch corrected audio time stretching. Mouse wheel over the OSD play button to adjust the playback rate of a recording or timeshift buffer.
• You can now set channel/time preferences and "record duplicates" on Wishlists.
• Automatically generated Library show folders can now be hidden by clicking "Hide Folder" (or reenable them later under Library Settings.) (2021-06-08)

• Fixed a problem for New Zealand.
• Miscellaneous refinements. (2021-05-31)

• This is the first Alpha release of SichboPVR version 4.
• Pre-alpha testers are now on a stable Alpha release branch. For those wanting to try unstable test builds, you can opt-in by selecting "Check for testing builds" under Setup > Update and you'll get them as they become available.
• Added a system tray icon and option to start the UI/client with the OS in a minimised state, as well as an option to minimise to the tray when you click the close button, so it keeps running. You can also right-click the tray to see running tasks or cancel them without opening the UI.
• Added an option to show the taskbar when the UI is maximised, rather than always going to a fullscreen state. (2021-05-22)

• Refinements to the Library screen.
• Collections can now group things by sub-folder, and you can also customise their sorting.
• Any imported recordings will now automatically group shows by title when there's more than one episode captured.
• Made some improvements to the audio pipeline, particularly around bitstreaming.
• Right-click in the guide no longer toggles columnar/row modes but instead reverts back to the original "go to Series Options" behaviour as in previous builds. Just use the TV main menu to change orientation instead.
• There's a new option under Setup > UI to "show passed time" in the guide for those who prefer to see more of the names of shows that are basically finished.
• Added some fun background effects. These aren't included in the setup file, since they're about 5MB each, but will download "on demand" if selected. Colour scheme defaults now also have varying default background FX and opacity levels.
• Menu background colours can now be customised.
• Video aspect has an on-screen option under the levels mixer. In past builds you needed to hit the appropriate key on your MCE remote or map a shortcut to cycle it.
• The in progress tasks indicator has been moved from the bottom of the guide area to the title bar.
• The location/tv server switcher is now a menu flyout similar to the tasks and mixer.
• Added the ability to specify "Any day or time" on a particular channel, or "Any time" for a particular day and channel. (2021-04-30)

• Refinements for the #69 update
• North Americans without in-band EPG can now set an XMLTV URL/Folder/File under the channels > server > location group, and it'll attempt to map channel IDs and import new/changed files as part of the usual OTA EPG update routine. (2021-04-20)

• My intended EPG is finally in.
• Ctrl + Wheel (or pinch) to zoom in/out like a map.
• "Grab and throw" using a mouse or finger (or spin your mouse wheel) to get around quickly with inertia.
• Right-clicking the main guide area toggles between column/row viewing modes.
• Left-click channel logos to see a station's weekly lineup.
• Right-clicking channel logos (or remote Green button) now toggles Picture in Picture.
• Channel list changing/editing has been moved to a more streamlined "TV" dropdown hover menu at the top (or Blue button on your remote.)
• The channel list editor has also changed to a two-column format.
• Set list sort mode to "none" for arbitrary ordering of channels by drag & drop.
• Added Chinese Traditional glyph rendering support (requires the Windows default msyh.ttc and msyhbd.ttc fonts installed.)
• Have started a database of buggy graphics cards/drivers which need to take different optimisation paths. (2021-03-19)

• Adds Turksat support.
• Some driver bug workarounds were applied when they needn't be. (2021-03-15)

• Addresses a couple of glitches in pre-alpha test #64.


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